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The Silent Killer

Hello people, Hadar Creations launched another author recently and the name of her book is THE SILENT KILLER, it’s a book on love, relationships, how to handle heart breaks and also marriage. It’s a best seller and it will keep you at the edge of your seat from the first page to the last.

Here is an excerpt from the book…..

“In her mid thirties, Debby had gotten almost everything she wanted—a good job, a car, a plush two bedroom apartment at the center of the town. She has been a good Christian right from her university days. Though she was from a Christian home but she never had an encounter with God until she finally met the Lord in her second year at the university. Ever since, she has been devoted to God and also became a worker in God’s vineyard. Kemi once teased her that she has finally become a Pastor in the making because of her constant devotion to her Christian faith and interest in God’s work. Kemi, her childhood friend has been a constant companion since the day she moved in with Debby. Kemi’s accommodation issue made her turned to Debby for help. Being a Christian with a generous heart, Debby could not turn a deaf ear to her best friend’s plea.
It was on Sunday morning, just like every other Sundays, Debby got up very early after her morning devotion to prepare for the workers meeting as the workers usually meet as early as 7am. She was busying around trying to get a dress she would put on among the numerous clothes she has. Her closet was full with lots of clothes and she has taste for various quality dresses. She started humming a song as her eyes caught a dress Gbenga her fiancé gave her on her last birthday.
“Yeah let me go for this” she said softly to herself as she shut the closet’s door.
Her phone rang.
That was the last thing she was expecting early that morning. Who could be calling this early she thought. She went straight to the drawer beside the bed where the phone was ringing out its heart.
“Oh my it’s Gbenga” she rushed to pick the call.
Gbenga, her fiancé hates it when he calls and he’s kept waiting. They have had issues many times on this particular issue and she didn’t want any mountain out of the molehill of not picking a call.
“Hello” she said waiting for him to accuse her as usual for not picking his call on time
“Hi” he replied coldly
“I’m very sorry I was…”
“You don’t have to apologize’ He interrupted her
“that has always been your usual practice”
She kept mute even though she was almost late for the workers meeting, she has to stay calm. She prayed quietly in her heart that he will drop the call on time as she will be the one to take the Sunday School and she must not be late. Her relationship with Gbenga is so special to her that she can’t trade it for anything. Her mum has been pressuring both her and Gbenga to do something very fast about their relationship owing to the fact that age is no longer on their sides. She is ready but Gbenga seems to be taking his time and she has made up her mind not to rush him.
“Well, I decided to call you early this morning to tell you something very important about our relationship” he said.
“Okay I’m all ears, but you have to make it snappy you know I have to be in the workers meeting”
“That is it, I know you will not relax. It is all about church, God and evangelism. Come on babe loosen up. You’re not the one that killed Jesus now. You are too religious for my liking. Common girl, I’m tired of all these so-called Christian life stuff” He rattled on furiously……….”

For the complete story, order for your own copy of THE SILENT KILLER!
And you will be glad you did because you wouldn’t want to drop it until you have gotten to the last page.

To get a copy please click HERE 

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