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The Culture of Success

The Culture of Success was an inspiration I had while writing my soon to be released book IDENTITY.

Identity is a power packed book that was a blessing to me the writer, it was like I was taken on a journey of self discovery and unearthing my full treasures. It was a book that taught me about living a purposeful life, a life of authenticity and a life of leadership. It would be released before the year runs out by God’s grace and you need to prepare to get a copy in order to unearth your full potential and be a blessing to generations to come.

What exactly is the culture of success has understood by the world and our immediate society?

The culture of success most especially in our own parts of the world is that you must be rich before you can be considered successful.

It is simply just all about MONEY!

People must see the affluence and money overflowing in your life before you can be considered successful.

It does not matter what you do, it does not matter how hard or smart you work, it does not matter the INTEGRITY you have, it does not matter the ideas you conceive and birth, as long as there is no money and wealth to show for it then you are not successful according to the world standard.

But I tell you today dear friend ditch this expectation of the world and your immediate society.


Being successful is a mindset, and if you see yourself as not being successful then you will not be successful, neither would you be seen as successful.

The world out there is a dangerous ground and people would plague on your insecurities and make it worse. This is why your mindset has to change from inside out.

This is why you need to unlock you, discover you and be bold to own up to you contrary to the opinion of anyone.

This is why you need to search deep inside of you, go on a personal journey of self and total discovery of you. Inherent in you are buried treasures which you must unearth in order to become a person of value which transcends into a successful person.

Whatever your hand finds to do, and you begin to do it well, then you are successful.

Many people have ideas and visions but it dies as fast as it is conceived. However you on the other hand conceived an idea to start a business no matter how cheap it looks, as a man you decided to roll up your sleeves and do a job or work that can be considered below your standard and you do it well then let no one belittle you, you are a SUCCESSFUL man!

As a woman you decided to start frying puffpuff,

to sell cooked food,

to make hair,

to make people up,

to bake,

to sew, to buy and sell,


And as a 9:5 worker, you work diligently, never late, always on time to the office and giving your best at all times, you are SUCCESSFUL!

As a business owner you conceived those ideas and birthed them, then I tell you, that you are a success already don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Your diligence, hard work, commitment and love for what you do makes you a SUCCESSFUL person.

Remember Joseph in the Bible?

While Joseph was serving as a slave under an Egyptian master, he was described as being a prosperous man in the Bible, a slave was described as being prosperous not his master.

Just imagine that?

A slave was regarded as being prosperous just because he was fulfilling purpose. While he was thrown in prison he was still a leader, and he was successful at leading in the prison that all other inmates looked up to him.

He made use of his gift by interpreting dreams which eventually led him to become the prime minister of Egypt at the end of the day. Joseph is a great man and his life should be studied by anyone who is walking in purpose.

His life should challenge you and reveal to you that indeed success and prosperity is not riches.

It is the vision you carry inside.

It is the greatness you know is resident in you which you hatch day by day that makes you successful.

This is why you must unearth your buried treasures because you are unique and you can’t let those treasures waste away, and after unearthing it you must UNLEASH IT without holding back or bowing to the dictates of culture and society because trust me they will always create obstructions in your path to cage and limit you.

Inherent in you unleashing your discovered treasures lies your SUCCESS, so go on and carry yourself like the successful man or woman you are.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Affirm yourself each day, I AM SUCCESSFUL!

Thank you for reading, and if you are blessed please share with someone too.

Until then I remain your girl,


Publisher and Identity Coach at

Hadar Creations.

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