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Men, ego and the craving for respect

“The only thing that a man needs is respect”

I hear this popular statement every now and then being used to charge women to be respectful towards their husbands. It is said that the only thing close to the heart of a man, that he needs and craves, is respect. This statement has wreaked a lot of havoc in many homes. It has created a lot of men who have become unapproachable gods their homes, and to the society at large.

This statement has positioned some men and pitted them strategically against their wives. It has made them stiff-necked, and like a panther, prowling quietly seeking for ways to accuse their wives and all women, as being disrespectful. It has created lots of men who have become an opposition on their own path of progress. They will not discuss issues with their wives because they see her input or advise to them as a sign of disrespect. Continue reading Men, ego and the craving for respect

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Please don’t make us ashamed of being respectful

The other day one of my sisters and I were having a discussion and we were talking about how people made us felt ashamed  when we address them respectfully.  I mean, you would try to be courteous  to a person and they would immediately set you straight on how you shouldn’t call them sister or brother, how it makes them feel old and archaic, that’s even understandable, the one that baffles me most is when some people allude your courtesy towards them and people in general as been sanctimonious and being a two goody shoes. They go as far as saying you are only being two faced and fake. Continue reading Please don’t make us ashamed of being respectful

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