Life on the Street of Readlooks

The social media has become an integral part of our daily life and despite the fact that many of us have a busy life out of the social media space, we have somehow found a way to integrate the social media into our daily lives.

Businesses are initiated on the social media space, advocacy is done to change some believes and mindsets, friendships and relationships are forged, a lot of lessons to learn from wonderful and knowledgeable people on the social media space. As beautiful as it is on the social media space, there is also a dark side to it. And unless you decide to deactivate your account forever or just be another inactive number among the social media users, in as much as you are an active user of the social media space you are going to encounter the good, the bad and the ugly that is associated with the social media. 

Prevalent among the vices that exists on the social media space is trolling, pretense, lies, manipulation, raw hatred, jealousy, envy and above all bullying. Life on the street of Readlooks has delved deep into this vices by creating various characters to depict what happens behind the usual mask being worn on the social media space.

It is a satire that would keep you at the edge of your seat. At the core of this book you would find “Nigerian” religion, feminism, violence, judgements, criticisms, disguise, loyalty, love, empathy and bullying.

Once you read Life on the street of Readlooks you would understand the psychology of bullies in and outside the social media, how they operate and how to take away their power. I promise you that after reading, you won’t ever be their victim again. You would understand many things that happen behind the scene in the virtual world and a lot of things would become clearer to you.

You would understand how to live an intentionally peaceful social media life, you would understand how to make your mental health a top priority despite all the vices going on in the social media space.

The book is such that as I became inspired and I wrote, a lot of things that were unclear to me also became clearer, writers do not know it all, some of us also learn from our work as we write.

It’s a gripping, adrenaline pumping book and it is available in paper back and also on Amazon Kindle.

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