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Cyberbullying is one cankerworm that has eaten deep into the social media space amd there is no exception to who could become a victim.

The cleanest, scandal free and strongest people have become a victim of cyber bullying at one time or the other.

As long as you use the social media space actively you are not far from being a victim of cyber bullying because the truth is that some people will not like you and they are waiting for you to make a mistake.

The most dangerous part of cyberbullying is that it could hit you hard at anytime which makes it more dangerous, mental health challenging and often times life threatening.

A lot of people have committed suicide in the western world as a result of cyber bullying.

A lot of people have sunk into depression or deleted their social media account as a result of cyber bullying on the Nigeria social media space.

These predators are actually waiting for you to slip so you can become their victim.

My dislike for bullying or cyberbullying did not start now, as a matter of fact, I was reading through my blog sometimes ago in January and I saw a post I did sometimes in April 2016 when I just started blogging, it was about cyber bullying.

It is amazing and deeply humbling for me that one of the same tactics I suggested in that article on how to deal with cyber bullies was one of the tactics and defense “Aunty Ajo” a character in ‘Life on the Street of Readlooks’ also suggested among many other defenses and ways to maintain your social media space healthily.

I didn’t even remember that I had written a blog article about cyberbullying while writing the book.

Life on the Street of Readlooks is power packed, revealing, adrenalin pumping and you would find something or a lesson in it that resonates with you.
The unmasking of predators and unfriendly friends makes it scary and eye opening for everyone who reads.
There is a dark side to the social media, most especially Nigerian social media and you need to be properly equipped in order to keep safe.
The lessons inherent in there are real and they would guide your virtual interactions and relationships if you follow it on the page consistently.
My birthday is this week and this is one of my gifts to the amazing people on Hadar Creations page and everyone on my personal page who is interested in this work of fiction.
It’s a must follow and it is premiering on Friday by on Hadar Creations Facebook page.
The link to Hadar creations Facebook page is here HADAR CREATIONS
Click on like and follow so you can be alerted when the first episode hits the page.
Don’t wait until you become a victim of cyber bullying before you take precaution and become mentally alert against it.
Please share with your friends so they can also be a part of this journey.
Thanks for reading and I value your presence here.

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