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Let’s talk about house chores

I am Olayinka Fiola   and I hate house chores.

Each time I go to my aunt’s  place I always admire how spic and span her house is, she could open her door for you even in her sleep without fidgeting on how you might assess her, her house is always so neat and orderly that I wonder how she does it.  I later realised that she is able to keep that level of neatness in her home because  she doesn’t have a toddler and a preschooler like me, her children are all grown.

Having to do house chores with toddlers in tow is very hard and  physically consuming, especially if you do it all alone. This has led to the sickness and untimely death of many women.

Sometimes I just wish I could lend my daughters out for months,  I love them with every fiber of my being no doubts, but they could double up your chores in a split second. As you keep arranging the home to give it a semblance of order, these wonderful children would keep scattering it.  Initially, when I had my first child I was forming a super woman, I  always wanted to keep my house at a high level of neatness even when ‘wole wole’ (hygiene inspectors) are not visiting for inspection lol.  In my mum’s word ”ma ni amoju kuro” (learn how to overlook things) nobody told me to start looking away when I was stewing with resentment and constantly suffering  from  nagging headaches

I do what I can do and leave the rest till when I am strengthened to continue.  After all no guest will come over without a prior notice and if any guest  decides to pay me a surprise visit, then my kids’ toys would welcome them right at the door entrance. 

Some men think house chores is gender specific, come on, you need no uterus to run a vacuum cleaner, no breasts is required to clean the toilet LWKMD. As you loathe chores so does women do!! 

That mentality that domesticity is just for women alone makes me go crazy.  

Research affirms that couples who pitch in together in chores always have a great sexual life. I can attest to this fact, my hubby is more inclined in doing grocery shopping than cleaning and each time he does this, I find him more attractive and I have this butterflies in my stomach lol. This May sound weird, but that is my own truth. 

To all men out there who help out in chores we say thank you we don’t take this for granted, we are grateful!

About her: Olayinka Fiola  is a micro biologist, a business woman , a wife and a proud mom of two beautiful daughters.  Time spent in her company either physically or virtually would leave you reeling in a dose of laughter.

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