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Let’s talk about house chores

House shared is a key to a good and healthy marriage.

By house chores we mean a job or a piece of work that is often boring and unpleasant  in the house but needs to be done according to Cambridge English Dictionary.
It includes cleaning the bathroom , cooking, vacuuming/sweeping, washing dishes, laundry etc.
I believe if as a single girl or boy you are expected to do your chores and you did before marriage, doing it with your partner should be your joy. Leaving house chores for your wife alone to do to me shows a sign of irresponsibility. Sharing chores in your own home doesn’t take anything tangible away from anyone. If as a single man, the only reason you want to get married is because you need a woman to hand over all the house chores for, then you need a maid and not a wife.

If you want your house to be sparkling clean, then everyone that is old enough in the house is responsible irrespective of the title. We are our kids role model and the things we don’t do before they come into the picture might be hard to start when they arrive. Our male children are learning how to be responsible by watching their dad and mom do things jointly without gender bias. Most women of nowadays work 5 days a week or run business outside the home and equally pay for bills and so it won’t be fair for their male partners to solely leave house chores to them.
Our male children should be taught to do house chores too because if we refuse to teach them, let us remember they will be married to the female children we have taught and then become a burden instead of a blessing in the future to their partners.
As a young girl of about 13 years, I loved watching couples who shared house chores. I love the laughs, hugs, tickles and light kisses that they shared while joyfully doing these chores. I think it brings them closer emotionally. It creates a beautiful atmosphere of love in the home and the kids will love to do chores from a tender age  .
I remember my dad carrying my younger siblings while they were infant and they pooped on his palm. He didn’t call my mom to come and do her job of cleaning their children but he cleaned up the kids every time it happened. My father did carry my younger ones on his shoulders just to pacify them and he would help iron clothes before we had a lot of people living with us and there was no need for him to do it anymore. My husband is a domesticated man-the type you will leave the kids with and you don’t have to ask him what they ate or what they wore. He knows what to do and when and would go and above and beyond in doing it. He bathed our boys from infant for so long, changed diapers and fed them. He carried them in car seats and all these didn’t reduce his manhood. He is teaching our boys to be useful to themselves and their partners in the nearest future. We intend to train our boys the same way his mom taught him and my mom taught my brothers so that we will look back and smile that we have done our best.
I have found that in homes where one party(mostly female) is left to do the chores, it is always with resentment, especially when the person doesn’t have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD)for house chores. House chores is not fun for me but when I don’t have a choice I try my best to do it. It is overwhelming at times especially when only one person that usually cleans have just finished cleaning the house and the kids mess it up in a few minutes.
In a case whereby the couples are financially capable to outsource some major chores then it is better to do it. That precious time saved by outsourcing house chores can be spent to do fun stuffs like watching movies, walking the park or going out to eat dinner. This precious time can be used to spend quality family time together with the kids even. Who says life has to be hard on anyone because of house chores?
I am Oluwasanmi  and to me-sharing  house chores is the new definition of romance and love in the home. It brings about a healthy relationship/marriage. If you as a man or woman has not been actively participating in house chores before now, it is not too late, start now and watch your partner smile beautifully as if he or she has won a trophy.
About her :  Oluwasanmi Akomolafe is a woman who loves God, herself, hubby, and children. She loves to sing, dance, write and talk for fun. She is a Mass Communicator, an Interior Designer,  an IT Business Analyst and the CEO of Romans 1015shoes.
House chores can be sexy when done with your husband!

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