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Hello, thanks for opening this page.

Do you know that every individual has a book in them?

I am here to help you navigate through the strange waters of beginning a new project in writing.

I was once unsure and afraid of the new course I was about to chart when I opened my website and blog.

I hated any thing technical and I practically avoided it. Here I am today a published author of four books as I type this, and many more project on the way for me just within a year!

Glory be to God.

This is to let you know that you can do better and also be an inspiration to your world.

I  had no clue about setting up a blog when I decided to start blogging, neither do I know a thing about publishing and designing when I started writing my first book.

Today I can confidently tell you that I designed my website and set up my blog by myself, I also research from time to time on how to make it look better.

To tell you impossibility is a mere word,  I also designed all my book covers by myself.

It was hard at the beginning and as a matter of fact I made a huge mess of one of my books’ cover page till I had to search for more resources on graphics and book designing in order to improve myself.

Today I am a web and graphic designer who is constantly developing herself.

I went researching and paying for some of the things I know today about graphics and book promo when it dawned on me that it is not about the content alone, graphics is also very important in order to communicate the right message about your book, and your cause to the world.

I understand the financial challenges that comes with publishing that is why I am here to inspire you and help you achieve your dreams by giving you this very affordable packages from Hadar Creations Publishing. You can check them out by clicking on shop at the top of the page.

Do not forget, there are treasures in you, unearth it and soar!

Email: ooainspires@gmail.com

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