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Cyber Bullies

It’s amazing the extent of anger some people direct over another person or group of people on the internet.

Honestly I am serious, people they haven’t met, or ever even meet, they carry this amount of anger and emit some vituperation that would leave you reeling.

I belong to this women group on Facebook, very inspiring group, there is one particular “einty” (aunty) that crawls out from wherever she has been hiding once she sees my comments and begins to throw darts, bullets and emit all sorts of explosive bombs against my comments.

At first I wasn’t bothered , once you know  that your imagination is faster than that of Albert Einstein lol,you have to thread with extra ordinary caution around people, and do away with all forms of negative energy lest you live in absolute paranoia. You can’t afford to conclude issues easily lest you become ashamed of your hastened conclusion and be begging “upandan” (up and down) due to your impulsiveness. You have to be patient and make very thorough analysis before jumping to any form of conclusion.

Hence my patience with this  “einty”  I watched and studied her for a very long time and she kept on doing the same thing over and over again whenever she sees my comment and I became alarmed,  I was like kin mo ra nigba “einty” yii tori Olorun (What business do I have with her)  I felt I might have offended her unknowingly with whatever comment I might have made in the past.

I searched myself and realised that might not be the case, she just might not like me nor like the way I reason,( of course not everyone would like you, the earlier you realise that the better) there were times I held my breath after making a comment and before releasing it this “einty” has crawled out to say exactly the opposite of what I have said, I love  various and diverse opinions, it  makes a discussion more interesting, impactful and eye-opening, but  she also goes ahead to disparage my comments, attack my personality albeit directly or indirectly afterwards.

At first I felt like going after her gun blazing and all, I wanted to teach her a lesson that this lady here will not tolerate any form of bullying, I wanted to shame her and give her a taste of her medicine,  but I hate getting into that kind of mode because it gets explosive, and the matter might just become “isu ata yan yan”  (yam pepper scatter scatter)  (a messy affair).
The best way I knew how to deal with her was to ignore her and act like she doesn’t exist, I made a resolve not to let her words bother me, in fact I skipped past her comment instead of reading, I just didn’t want any hurtful and hateful words take root in me, and oh boy, that was my sweetest victory, gradually she began to forget about attacking me, and she totally lost interest after a while and looked for another victim.

I can’t still guarantee she won’t crawl out and do that again If she sees my comment anytime soon on the group, I’m sure the bully in her might rise again towards me, maybe my profile picture looks like Gagool in kings Solomon’s mines to her.

The best way to deal with cyber bullies and trolls is to ignore them to a deafening silence.8-1024x512Don’t give them a voice, don’t allow their actions spur you to a reaction.

Treat their outburst like a leprous one and  side step them, they carry loads of baggage and they are looking for whom to dump it on, you can choose to allow them dump it on you or you can choose to let their baggage remain with them by not allowing them elicit a reaction from you.

Henceforth, anytime you see a cyber bully hurl insults at you directly or indirectly just say 5177672

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8 thoughts on “Cyber Bullies

  1. Bullies have taken over the social media, i never knew one could have loads of enemies online but the recent happenings left and right has left my mouth agape. I am aware of ‘ota ile’ but the enemies you incurred via your posts and comments is not funny at all. Well you have proffered the best solution ”Moyee” me too i jump am pass ?

    1. Hahahahha, just keep dodging my sis, we would not hide because of them, we won’t validate their anger by feeding it with a reaction.

  2. I am struggling hard to remember what it was like before the advent of social media. Me thinks SM gave people some sort of bullying power. You can hide behind the keyboard of a laptop and spew words that can have devastating effects on your fellow being. Especially IG…ahhh people there are not normal again. It’s on IG they take paracetamol for another’s headache, they look for issues where there are none. Let me just jejely dey observe. Emi ti oro o kin pe dun mi. Before I come and get headache on top matter wey no concern me… yee mehn

    1. Hahahaahahahhaha mo yee mhen, that’s epic! You are so right SM gave people some bullying power, someone once called it internet courage. See lots of them are angry lots my sis, they just want to project their anger on innocent people. People die abroad due to social media bullying, even in Nigeria I am sure some people would have fallen into depression due to ugly words spewed out to them, they just might not be able to identify the cause of the depression as yet. Let’s just keep side stepping them and their outburst, once they can’t find anymore victim, then they have no power again.

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  4. NOT only cyber bully. silence is golden most times .it always drive them crazy when you ignore

    1. You can say that again, thank you so much for the feedback sis.

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