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Self comparison is one major barrier on the path way of many people to progress, that is part of the reason why they are not able to walk in purpose.

They are always comparing themselves to others.

They measure the yardstick of their success with other people’s success.

They are only happy and feel great when their successes trumps the successes of others.

They are unhappy and sad when the success of other people trump theirs, and they are constantly seeking for ways to outdo others rather than stay on their path and do better than they did yesterday.

Self comparison is very damaging, and it elicits two major feelings from you.

1. The feeling of being superior to others,
2. The feeling of being inferior to others.

You feel superior to others when you compare your successes and achievements to theirs and rate yourself as doing better than them.

The implication of this is that it gives you a superiority complex and drives you backward rather than forward.

You become contented in your present achievements rather than develop yourself more in your field.

You bask in the glory of the present and of the fact that you are better than others.

The people you feel you are better than will keep working hard to be better than who they were yesterday, they keep improving on their skills.

While you are still basking in your superiority, they are working hard to do better than they did yesterday.

On the other hand self comparison gives you a feeling of inferiority complex when you feel others are better than you and it could keep you on a lock down forever until you stop comparing yourself to others and just believe in yourself and uniqueness.

It could blind you from stepping into purpose because that inferiority self comparison generates will birth feelings like fear, negativity, anxiety, paranoia etc.

Another danger of Self Comparison is that it would push you into a time that is not yet yours.

What do I mean by this?

The frenzy and buzz of life can pose as a huge challenge for you if you are not grounded and know who you are.

This is why as a Christian I personally attribute the place of true self discovery to the Holy Spirit.

Every discovery I have made about myself today where secrets that were whispered to me by the Holy Spirit.

I never looked at anyone doing them and decided “oh this is what I want to be”, not at all.

I heard clearly in my seasons of observations and deep brooding with God that this is what you must do and BOOM I moved!

If I was dwelling in self comparison I would have missed my direction.

Self comparison would make you enter into other people’s time. You are desperate to break forth, therefore you are always in a haste to grab every opportunity that comes your way.

You would keep comparing yourself to others and you would want to begin to do what they are doing.

There are some stuffs I am doing this year that I could not have done last year. I knew my time was not yet here so I just didn’t bother about many things.

This year I have gone on other people’s platform to hold soul draining seminars I couldn’t have done that last year or years before when I was still passing through the processes.

“Jesus learnt by the things He suffered”.

This scripture was a balm to my soul the day I came across it. And it made the journey of my life clearer to me.

I was able to fix some puzzles about my life that were not clear before then.

Some of the things many of us are going through now is a process to our purpose, and if only we can just breathe, and focus and stop comparing our lives to others everything would fall into place, and we would laugh last.

Dear friend, ditch self comparison and focus on your own journey.

Be a person of the spirit in order to hear and see about your life and purpose.

It will all add up and be worth it at the end.

Thank you for stopping by and reading, and if you were blessed please share and let the blessing be all over :))

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Till next week, stay blessed!

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