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Feminism and Individuality

Feminism, according to google can be defined as the advocacy of women’s right on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Individuality, according to google can be defined as the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked. Synonyms to individuality are; uniqueness, originality, singularity, particularity,peculiarity, distinctiveness,distinction,separateness. Did you see how beautiful those synonyms are?

Feminism is just what it is, advocacy for women’s right. It must not erode your individuality as a person, if it does that to you, then you are going to be shocked at whom you would become along the line, you might just look in the mirror one day and see a stranger.

Feminism is not “bandwagonism” please draw the line between advocacy and “bandwagonism”. In this era of social media we have virtually become global, and we mostly bump into each other one way or the other.  There are some women I knew before feminism took over the social media, that were never insulting or brash, but these days they can’t make a sentence without it reeking of insults and brashness. Is that really what feminism is all about? Continue reading Feminism and Individuality

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Over the years, I have seen vicious battles of custody amongst estranged Nigerian couples and my heart bleeds. I hear how some  men go to schools to warn teachers not to allow his kids mother to come near “his kids” and I marvel.

The other time I read somewhere where a teacher shared how the kids father whom they had only seen a few times  in all the times those kids have been schooling there, came to the school, discovered the wife had come to pick the kids and went back to bring a battalion of mobile police men to block the school gate, he threatened no one would enter to pick their kids just because his wife escaped from the dungeon he kept her for days, the woman was a corporate executive where she worked, she was reduced to an unkempt woman who quickly escaped to pick up her kids at the first chance she had. Continue reading CHILD CUSTODY IS NOT A GAME!

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Freedom is beautiful. A little mistake can take away that beauty.

Let me tell you a story:
I met an eloquent young lady in her twenties. She is brilliant, smart and deeply detailed. But how much expression can she give to these qualities from a prison? Continue reading IT’S OK TO SAY NO! WRITTEN BY IBUKUN MO BRIDALS KOMOLAFE

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