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Today’s Woman-Article written by Oluwatoyin Aremu.

Who exactly is a woman, is she really a weaker vessel as generally said? The society has somehow made many women forget how treasured they are simply because they are described as being a weaker vessel. Weaker vessel in the context of 1Pet. 3:7 does not mean intellectual weakness, physical weakness, or spiritual weakness I must say.  It only means women are wired more emotionally than the men, and they long for care, Deborah in Judges 4 was a woman and she led Israel for 40 years even going to battle front; Mary Slessor was also a woman, I am also a woman by His grace. Continue reading Today’s Woman-Article written by Oluwatoyin Aremu.

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Today’s Woman by Kehinde Familoni-Faleye

My name is Kehinde Familoni-Faleye, wife of Oluwadare Faleye, mother of A&A, two beautiful damsels.


My slogan is I AM Number 1….. Setting the pace and striking a balance

Making your beautiful self number 1 made no sense to me while growing up, I rather thought not putting yourself first is the height of selflessness and the best practice for a good woman and a dutiful wife in making, I wished my mama had modeled it more for me to understand (God bless and keep her) I have asked myself many times why the church teachings was not balanced on it, I wonder why our society frowns when a woman is to be number 1. Continue reading Today’s Woman by Kehinde Familoni-Faleye

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Women’s rights are more than words in paper. That which makes human beings human, their inherent dignity and nobleness is neither male nor female. All human beings are born free and equal.”

Yet, there is little being said, too few conversations, and too little action, to stop violence against girls and women. Girls and young women around the world experience physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and financial violence and abuse. Continue reading TODAY’S WOMAN AND HER RIGHTS

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