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Motherhood a bottomless pit of love

I remember whilst growing up, mom took us to her friend  son’s  birthday party, he was 10 years old then, the mom was called to dance with her son, on getting to the stage she bursted into uncontrollable tears, as kids we were all embarrassed and we couldn’t fathom the reason why she had to embarrass herself, us and son that much (how funny,  I wonder what was our own stake in it LOL) the son hugged her(how deep is the love between a child and a mother)  and she comported herself afterwards. Continue reading Motherhood a bottomless pit of love

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What is that word that is pressing you?

I know my title looks weird lol,  it came to me while I was packing some stuffs, and boom I hurried to pick up my phone and began to scribble away.

On my journey to opening Musings and thoughts, I had lots of  obstructions and mountains that looked insurmountable, I had no slightest idea on what to do and how to go about it,  I mean this was an idea that came like a faint whisper, I had resisted it times without number when the voice was loud and clear, how would I now obey this faint whispered voice? Continue reading What is that word that is pressing you?

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Please don’t make us ashamed of being respectful

The other day one of my sisters and I were having a discussion and we were talking about how people made us felt ashamed  when we address them respectfully.  I mean, you would try to be courteous  to a person and they would immediately set you straight on how you shouldn’t call them sister or brother, how it makes them feel old and archaic, that’s even understandable, the one that baffles me most is when some people allude your courtesy towards them and people in general as been sanctimonious and being a two goody shoes. They go as far as saying you are only being two faced and fake. Continue reading Please don’t make us ashamed of being respectful

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Mommy, embrace and love her totally

There is a saying about crossing to the other side of the bridge before judging.  You never really understand a position until you wear the shoes.

I am a mom to a boy, soon to be man (don’t mind me he’s just 14 months old but “body is catching me at the thought of him being a man” (I am excited)  and I think I am beginning to understand and also don’t understand the love some women have towards their son which in turn breeds animosity towards their son’s wife. I look at my boy at times and I want to cry, I am so committed, so full of indescribable love for this little individual.

Sometimes I want to tie him to my apron strings and stop him from going to creche despite the stress and strain one has to deal with as a mother in “obodo yinbo” ( abroad). Continue reading Mommy, embrace and love her totally

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Hello world!

I am Oluwatosin Olajumoke Arodudu (OOA for short). A daughter of the Most High God (He loves me so much), the wife to a wonderful man who I would describe concisely as the “keeper”. A mother to the most adorable, cute little boy who has graduated from being called the lil champ to the big champ.  A loved and a loving daughter and daughter in law, a wonderful sister and sister-in-law, an empathetic friend and acquaintance who feels your happiness and pains.

Writing has been my passion ever since I was a child, I have only tapped into a minimal aspect of it. Recently, I have had recurrent, nagging and disturbing musings to explore aspects of every day life through writing. Discussions cutting across topics of societal importance, and capable of mutual benefits to authors and readers alike. I have struggled for years on the right platform  to showcase my musings and thoughts in it’s raw form,  and opening a blog just didn’t cut it for me, I mean, I don’t flow well with the trend and I have passed off the idea for so long.albert-einstein-quotes-on-imagination

Like they say procrastination is the thief of time, so here I am on a new and fresh journey with musings and thoughts, we are going to have a great time together my friends and subscribers, this medium would tap into your  indescribable thoughts and feelings, and help you weave them into words which would leave us both  reeling from shock and excitement.

Do you have a speedy imagination? An imagination that rushes ahead of you, even before you can gather your thoughts?  Then join me on this platform, let us rub minds and grow together, blurb it here before it eludes you, that imagination, that thought can just be what you or someone else needs badly to make a head way in life.  People might have taunted you for your quick imagination and made you feel less of whom you are meant to be, please pay no more attention, start developing the raw gold God has deposited in you.

Welcome all, seat back, relax and let the musings and thoughts flow!

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